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"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."
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Best Education Colleges, Top Teachers Education institutions, Teacher education Courses, list of Teacher education CollegesRULES FOR STUDENTS REGARDING ATTENDANCE AND GRANT OF LEAVE OF ABSENCE

1. All leave applications duly filled in must be submitted in the office or sent by post, so as to reach the College Office of Attendance one day earlier.
2. Absentees for one hour in a session will be treated as being absent for that session.
3. Leave on any day is also treated as absent for the calculation of term days.


1. Every student shall be dressed decently and appear smart.
2. No student shall leave the class room without the permission of the Professor or until the Professor had left the room or has asked the class to disperse.
3. During class hours students should not loiter about in the verandahs.
4. Students should not make any noise while moving from class to class.
5. Any damage by students to college property / furniture or building will be made at their expenses and those responsible for such damages shall be dealt with severely. Collective fines will be imposed for any damage if the cause of which cannot be traced to any individual.
6. Student taking part in communal or political activities will be severely dealt with. They will forfeit scholarships and other benefits awarded to them.
7. Students are expected to read notice & exhibited on the College Notice Board and ignorance of any notice thus exhibited will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with.
8. No meeting of any kind shall be held in the College campus without the previous written permission of the Principal.
9. Students guilty of using unfair means in the examination will be dealt severely.
10. Any lost property found must be handed over to the Principal from whom the owner can claim it promptly after proving his ownership.
11. a) All students must leave their cycles only in the cycle shed.
b) Cycles kept in and around the college buildings other than the cycle shed are liable to be confiscated and disciplinary action will be taken against the owner of the cycle.
c) The college will not take any responsibility for the loss of a cycle or part there of.
12. Stringent action will be taken against students indulging in Eve-teasing as per TN Prohibition of Eve-Teasing Act1998.
13. Ragging is strictly prohibited. Whoever involves ragging in any manner shall be punishable with imprisonment and fine.
14. The students of the College are expected to behave both inside and outside the college in such a way as to maintain the good name of the college as well as their own.
15. Students whose behaviour in the judgement of the Principal or any other College authority is undesirable (or of unwholesome influence) shall be taken off the rolls without assigning any reason.

Note: Under the Government Educational rules the Principal has full power to inflict the following punishments :Fine, Withholding of Certificates, Suspension and Expulsion.


1. The students should apply to the Principal for any certificate atleast two days in advance.
2. Duplicate T.C. will be issued on production of a certificate from the Tahsildar stating the irrecoverable loss of the certificate.
3. Application for Migration Certificate should be made direct to the Registrar, Tamilnadu Teachers Education University.
4. Duplicate Degree Mark sheets are not ordinarily issued except when the originals are not available. The students should apply to the University for the same.
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